I like my little cozy comfort box

I like my comfort zone. I like to plan. I like my little cozy comfort box. I like doing the things I know how to do. I don’t like taking risks. I like dreaming of the future. I worry about what others will think of me. I like to feel secure. I worry about if I mess up.

But if I keep thinking this way then I’m going to get nowhere in life. My life will pass me up and then all of a sudden I will be a little old lady sitting in my rocking chair thinking of all the things I wished I could’ve done.


Life is too precious to waste.

We will all be remembered in a certain way. A person who had dreams but was afraid to actually live her dreams. Or a person who lived out her dreams and stepped out into the unknown.

You can tell if a person loves their life or is just living their life. Which one are you?

I never had a lot of confidence in myself. It has taken me time to really become confident. To not shy away from challenges. Learning how to be bold and take action. To not be afraid to try new things and to do hard things.





When we think of trying something new that means we are stepping out into the unknown. And that can be a scary thought because we don’t know what the outcome will be.

When we think of doing hard things that means our comfort zone will be stretched. And that never feels good.

But the more you face your fears and step out of your cozy box the stronger and more confident you will be. And your life will become fuller and more amazing! For you will have more memories and amazing experiences that you wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t stepped out of your box.

We only have one life. What kind of life do you want to have?

These are a few things I want in my life…

I desire to:

-Be Bold.
-Be Courageous.
-Take risks
-Love life
-Not be afraid of what others think of me
-Be Confident
-Be Happy
-Enjoy the little things
-Be Passionate
-Be Kind
-Be Loving

What are some things that are holding you back from fully living out our life and dreams? Debt, people, fear, a job, addiction, etc? Sometimes we have to take a bold step into the unknown before our life can change for the better.

We were not put here on earth to live a bland life. But a full and an amazing one! I’m not saying that there won’t be days that will have its ups and downs or today may look just like it did yesterday. But don’t let that stop you from loving your life. Look for the little things in every day life. You never know where adventures will pop up.



Don’t compare your life to someone else’s. But let someone else’s life encourage you on your journey. We all have different lives and backgrounds. Your life is special and beautiful.

I just want to encourage you that when a challenge arises don’t let it crush you but let it build you. Step out into the unknown for you never know what you may find.


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