A new adventure


We have just embarked on an exciting adventure of becoming an active Navy family. It has been a journey to get where we are. This past June we put in our application for my husband to be a Navy Recruiter. This job is very hard to get selected for. They are very picky on who they select. There has been a LOT of waiting, praying, confusion, tears, excitement, and wondering of when all of this would be completed. In August, Kevin had his final interview. We thought that after the interview they would tell us if we were selected or not. There was some miscommunication in that area. Then they told us we would have to wait till the end of September before we would receive the official phone call about us possibly being selected and giving us the date of when Kevin would start the job if we were selected. So the waiting continued.

“Be faithful to ask God to move in your situation and then believe that He will do it.”             Amanda Walker

We were on pins and needles when the day came of when we were expecting the official phone call. Well, we did receive a phone call. But not the one we were waiting for. It was from the another office. They told us that it would be another two weeks before receiving the official phone call!! We were shocked, confused, and frustrated. Why was God doing this?! Being patient is one of the hardest things to do.


The next morning I prayed to God asking and begging Him that He would make a miracle happen where they would call us THAT day! We were so worn. So frustrated on why God kept delaying everything. We wondered if this was the path God wanted us to go on. There was so much fog that we couldn’t see the light. That afternoon Kevin got home from work and just a little bit later he received a phone call……THE phone call!!!! We were in shock!! We fell to our knees in tears praising and thanking God! We couldn’t believe it!! God had shown His mighty hand that He IS in control of all things. We had been praying for a change but we didn’t know which path God wanted us to go down. We prayed and sought out different doors to see if that was where God was leading us but God kept closing each one. Then when we started going down the path of the Navy, God kept opening each door. He was faithful to our prayers and our hearts desire. We learned to trust Him with our lives and what He had prepared for us. God never forsakes us or puts us on the back burner. He is always there, eager to hear our hearts and prayers. We must learn to trust Him with our desires and let Him lead.

Our life became a wonderful whirl wind after that phone call. Exactly one week later we had found a place by God’s grace and moved to Florida. We are so excited to be on this new adventure as a military family.

“Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.” Psalm 34:10





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