How do we spend our time?

I’m a ice cream lover. Especially coffee flavored ice cream! So this past week I went to go get some at our local ice cream store. When I entered the little ice cream shop there was a young mom with her little girl with blonde wavy hair who I’m guessing was about six years old. The little girl was sitting there calmly looking around while she ate her ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles and her mom was sitting next to her slouched in her seat looking down at her phone. The whole time I was in there the mom hardly ever looked up from her phone or said a word. The little girl would look at her mom and try to say something to her but the mom wasn’t really interested in what she was doing. I looked at the little girl who was staring at me while I was getting my ice cream and she had the sweetest little smile and eyes. I got my ice cream and the little girl sat there watching me leave.

It made so sad that this little girls mom was too busy with her phone to interact with her little girl.

I’m sure her mom loves her but at that moment her mom was more interested with her phone than her daughter.


It’s so easy to get caught up with our phones, TVs, computers and video games. The culture we live in has made us believe that we can’t live without our electronics. There isn’t anything wrong with any of these items. I have all of them and I enjoy each one but I have to be careful with how much time I spend on them. I will say I’m only going to be on it for 5 minutes which turns into 30 minutes.

Time is precious. Time never stops. We can never go back in time. There will come a day when we wish we hadn’t spent wasting our time away on our electronics. When we could have been making memories with the ones we love and going on adventures that we will always remember.

As a wife, communication is so important to have with my husband. If my husband and I were on our phones or watched tv all the time when we were together we would lose good communication skills. And good communication skills is so important to have if want a great marriage.

As a mama, I want my kids to know that they are more important than what’s going on on the internet. I want my kids to grow up with having memories of their childhood where their mama and daddy spent time with them and took them on fun adventures. Instead of having memories of just watching tv and being on iPads while their parents were busy with their electronics.


With our kids in this generation they are losing the skills of what it means to have a good conversation with friends and parents, to have beautiful handwriting, what it means to do something new and exciting, putting energy into something that will last, and what it means to help others.

I want our kids to know that there is so much to see outside of their phones and laptops. That they may have life skills, to know that there are so many fun adventures just awaiting for them. To see God’s creation and to live life to the fullest. But if we as their parents desire that then we have to show them that we love life and love having adventures with them before they grow up and start their own life and adventures.

So I encourage you that when you are with your husband, children, friends, or family be ALL there. Don’t let facebook, instagram, twitter, etc become more important than the people around you. The people in your life won’t always be there. Cherish each moment you are with your family and friends. Cherish your time. Don’t waste it on frivolous things. Make every day count. We only get today once.


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